NorTroll AS, specialized company from Norway, which has developed and produces devices / fault indicators that can constantly work, in all weather conditions, with minimal power consumption, and can be mounted on the electricity network without its shutdown.

Remote communication equipment, electromechanical switches and control devices, together with adequate software, complete all elements that make NetTroll Micro SCADA.


LineTroll LT110 is a series of products that mounts on the transmission line systems of distribution network (Linetroll 110Eμ: 6 -50kV), on the transmission line systems (Linetroll 110TμR: 50-132kv), are powered by batteries with a lifetime of 10-15 years have a visible indication of passing fault or permanent failure.

LT110 can be with a built-in 2.4GHz radio equipment for communication with the ComTroll system.

LineTroll LT400D is mounted on the pillar, monitors the electrical and magnetic field above it, reports earthing, short circuit and the true difference between transient and constant failure. The LED high-intensity light indicator indicates a breakdown, is visible to day and night.

The Linetroll R400D has a built-in GSM modem that sends an SMS and/or GPRS failure message to one or more places and is part of the Nortroll network management system.


CableTroll Fault indicators are used on medium voltage underground cable systems (6-36kV), detect short circuits and earthing and can be installed on almost all cable endings. In addition to local fault type, relay contacts or additional ComTroll communications modules transferred information to the dispatch center, on the SCADA system or mobile phone.

The CableTroll 23xx is a series that mounts on single or multimode cables, the earth fault detection threshold is adjusted from 5 to 240A, and a short circuit of 250 -1000A.

The ComTroll 2440 is a model that is mainly mounted on single-ambient cables, earth fault detection threshold is adjusted from 20 to 160A, and a short circuit of 250-1000A.

Communication system

ComTroll is a modular communication system, it is independent of the medium used, radio, GSM, optical cables, Ethernet, so each unit can use any medium.

ComTroll System for remote communication, together with NetTroll Software complete all elements that make Nortroll NetTroll Micro SCADA that can work as independent or integrated into a larger SCADA system of other manufacturers.