RADAR AN/TPS-70Radar AN/TPS-70 is tactical mobile S band phased array 3D radar produced by Westinghouse (Northrop Grumman).

Production of still used AN/TPS-70 started on early '70, and all of them have a nice numbers of year in service.

Modernization is needed to keep radar in service for certain number of years.

RADAR AN/TPS-70 features

New Technology
Solid State switching for improved performance and reliability.

New Design
Compact – for easy integration
Modular - enables power upgrade possibilities.

Easy to service and maintain – Field Replaceable Units.
Easy to use – turn-key solutions offers fully integrated system

RADAR AN/TPS-70 Transmitter

Transmitter modernization

  • Solid state modulator with Twystron
  • New cooling system
  • New control system