Measurement Of Transformation Ratio

Monophase and three-phase instruments are used for automatic measurement of transformation ratio (ttr) for energy, distribution and measuring transformers, with high measurement accuracy.

In addition to the transmission ratio instruments measure and display current excitation, phase corner, polarity, error of transformation ratio (%), determine the vector group, test the magnetic balance.

HV Circuit Breaker Testing

Regular testing of the HV switches, regardless of the switch type, includes measuring the opening and closing time of the switch, with monitoring the movement of the mechanism.

Appropriate measuring times are with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ms, of the speed, walk and bounce in the mechanical system.

Regular correctness diagnosis ensures the maintenance of optimal performance HV switches, errors are prevented and increases the system reliability.

Measurement Of Winding Resistance

Instruments for automatic measurement of transformer winding resistance measure fast and precise current and voltage of transformer windings and shunt resistors. Usually the measuring range is from 0.01μΩ to 100 kΩ with a measurement accuracy of 0.1%.

The measuring circuit is automatically empty after each measurement, and the inductive load (test winding) is demagnetized. The temperature correction performed by connecting the temperature sensor. Additional security to the user is a constant software control of the current circuit.