MTT AERO C & RT with his qualified and experienced personnel are implementing projects for upgrading and modernizing older radars with limited life time, extending their service life.

Production of still used radars started on early '70, and all of them have a nice numbers of year in service.

Now, when they are in situation to be repaired, in most cases, there is a problem with spare parts, as some of them are obsolete. In such case, modernization is needed to keep radar in service for certain number of years.

Our company is familiar with those problems. It is necessary for our team to check technical performance and technical conditions of radar and based on our experience we would be able to propose proper solution for certain product.

We have modernized:

• Radar Marconi S600
• AN/TPS 70
• AN/TPS 63
• Weather radars family
• Command control naval system
• SAM-3 and SAM-6 subsystems