MTTMS600, modernized S600, is a 3D dependable modern tactical radar system for early warning, airspace control, aircraft identification and fighter control. “State-of-the-Art” technology was implemented in project of S600 modernization together with modern design methods, result was dependable modern radar.

Developed system significantly increases operating availability, technical reliability and airspace surveillance quality compared to the base system, remaining cost effective.

L-Band surveillance radar

L-Band, surveillance radar transmitter is with solid state modulator and klystron type output power amplifier tube.

This modern technology as substitution for old technology provides more than seven times longer estimated lifetime (40.000 hours).

C-Band Height finder Radar

C-Band, height finder radar transmitter is based on solid state modulator and coaxial magnetron of the latest generation. Modern technology as solution is the cost effective option with 25 times longer estimated lifetime (50.000 hours) than old technology.

MTTMS600 with digitally coded pulse and pulse compression technique provides range accuracy and high target resolution, and with anti-jamming technique even in jamming conditions.

OPS cabin

For their work, radar operators have three radar display consoles where on radar displays all calculated and prepared data are presented. Ground to air communication equipment and monitoring / scanning radio are there as well.

Cabins Equipment Features

All electronics are packed in three new, rugged, high strength, aluminum shelters, with RFI shielding, equipped to withstand adverse weather and terrain. With his L-Band and C-Band antennas MTTMS600 can be transported by cargo aircraft, helicopter or by truck.