Oil breakdown voltage testing

The basic, compulsory and fastest method of examined the condition of insulation oils in electrical equipment isolated oil (transformers, switches) is a testing of the electrical breakdown strength of insulating liquids (determination of breakdown voltage).

Disipation factor measurement (tan δ),
specific resistance measurement (Ω) and
measurement of the relative permittivity (ε)

Automated measuring bridges for measuring dissipation factors (tan δ), specific resistance (ωm) and dielectric constants permitivity (ε) of insulation fluids are laboratory instruments.

Water content determination of insulating oils

The moisture in insulating fluids appears as a result of aging and affects insulation abilities.

Institutions for the determination of moisture content in insulation fluids use the classic Karl Fisher titration in chemical analysis that uses colometric or volumetric titration to determine the amount of water in the trace amounts.

Measurement of contact resistance

The measurement of static contact resistance on HV switches is significant from the aspect of maintenance, system reliability and security.

High value resistance can cause a hot spot, a risk decline, a risk of fire, additional energy loss in the transmission system.

On the other hand, dynamic measurement of contacts resistance that results in the diagram time / resistance when switching from OFF to ON indicates whether the contacts are deformed.